You are on your way to claiming an hour at GolfShac!

👉 GolfShac has been created and founded by 4 South Bay guys that love golf but also have many commitments that often take priority, leaving little time to play golf regularly, let alone improve! With families, friends, jobs, and not enough time in the day to do it all, things like, waiting at a crowded range, driving miles away to play a new course or several hours at your local 9 or 18 just made it impossible to grow at the game we love. We wanted to provide a place where you can block out a couple hours a week or month, to efficiently and accurately make improvements to our game that is close, quick and effective.

⛳️ Driving range in air conditioning with no wait, got it.

🏌️‍♂️ Play your favorite out of state course with a buddy, no problem. Lessons to make your local team, of course. GolfShac has it all under one roof!

🤝 Chris, Craig, David and Matt, founded GolfShac on pillars of faith, family and community and wanted a place that allows everyone to put those things first, where they belong, by providing an outlet to conveniently enjoy a hobby that often requires lots of time!